Yoga and rhythm are a great combination and it has been perfect to have this as our third yoga retreat here at St Marks Stays recently. Everybody loves a ‘It must be fate’ story don’t they and this is how we came in to the awareness of Gillian who runs Yoryoga. On her way home one day, Gillian drove past our sign and decided to look up what St Marks Stays was. From there on, it has been all go as Gillian and Brenda organised their ‘Rhythm of Life’ yoga retreat with us.

This yoga retreat has incorporate some blissful things such as drum meditation, dru dance, drumming with healing and a sound bath. To see all the sound bowls and gold light shining in the studio was amazing. As for the sound emulating through the house, well it was wonderful.

People were treated to massage, got to walk in the fells in the sunshine, ate delicious food provided by Brenda and Gillian and there were even Tarot and Angel card readings.

It was so lovely to see the group using the local church and its labyrinth for reflection and meditation and even nicer to hear them talk about how beautiful it was and how wonderful all the little nice touches in the church were so thoughtful.

You can find Yoryoga on their website and Facebook page and all the workshops they offer if you fancy treating yourself to a bit of health and wellbeing. Plus they have already booked St Marks Stays for another retreat next year, so I would be quick if you like the idea of reserving yourself a space.

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