We are always up for a Mini Adventure and feel that is what keeps that ‘holiday feeling’ alive when you are back in day to day working life. So we were thrilled to see a list put together recently by the National Trust of “50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4”. We feel this list could offer so many mini adventures to tick off the list so do look it up.


Between Damian and I, we have ticked off the list a total of 44 out of 50. Funnily enough on my ‘fun’ list for years now has been to fly a kite and Damian even bought me one, but I have still not flown it – yet.

So what will you and the children tick off the list these summer holidays?

Plus don’t forget there are also weekends and an autumn half term to take on some of these things, even after the summer holidays are over. We may be biased but we feel we do have the perfect place and location for exploring some of these mini adventures. So what’s stopping you? Come and stay and see how many you can do in just a few days up here in Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

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