The thing we have had more time to do over the weekends recently, is some firepit cooking using our Kadai Firebowl. The most common use by guests, for what we call the ‘Firepit’ is simply having a fire. Not even many barbecues have taken place over on that grill.

So we thought we would share some inspiration for you, so you can get planning your outdoor feast for when you stay here.

The firebowl has a grill and also a higher top grill for general barbecue food. We have a Paella Pan that can sit on the grill. It also comes with a tripod that you can hook a cooking bowl on to for things such as stews and curries.

We tried out a Moroccan Lamb Tagine and a Chicken and Chorizo Paella and have included the recipes below for you. We chose to cook meat to see if the fire did cook through safely enough and it does, but of course your recipes could be vegetarian and vegan and work just as well.

The trick is to ensure the fire is lit well in advance to get temperature at the optimum level. If you try cooking too early and the fire is too fierce, the food will just stick to the pans and burn. Waiting for the heat to be more constant, a bit like you do with barbecue coals, is much better for these kinds of foods, that need a slower pace of cooking to ramp up the flavour. We used wood, as we have plenty of it, but that it trickier to control the heat at first, but coals would work effectively also.

We prepped the food in the kitchen so cleaner and with the both the lamb and the chicken, we did a first fry on the Aga to seal them in for food safety before transferring outside.


Lamb, Squash & Apricot Tagine

Spicy Couscous

Campfire Paella

More recipes from Kadai that we have yet to try, but wow … yum

And you could have your pre dinner G&T with this idea

You could of course make these at home for your first try and then come and experience cooking them outside with a chilled glass of wine in our countryside garden. Bliss x

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