Back in April 2018, when we hosted our first yoga retreat here at St Marks Stays, it was the realisation of one of our dreams from 2015. When we were looking for a new home, the thing we loved about St Marks, was the studio room and the opportunities we could create with it. We had ideas of all kinds of residential retreats taking place in this gorgeous old house and so it was wonderful to see Lea and her yoga guests practising the art of wellbeing here in the Spring season.
Lea came from Leeds with 7 guests and a chef to hold her Yoga and Ayurveda Detox Retreat and it was like a big gust of Spring coming in to the house to start the season. As hosts, although we were not taking part, we learned lots about seasonal cooking and even what a tongue scraper looks like.
A local organic company, Growing with Grace, provided the produce for the various smoothies, soups and daals that were cooked up in our kitchen and our guest fridge has never looked so green. The fruit and vegetables looked amazing and it was fabulous to see carrots arrive in the good old way of having soil on them in a paper bag, as opposed to plastic wrapped from overseas.
Lea’s weekend was not just about being in our newly refurbished studio, as they went foraging in our local woods for wild garlic and nettles for cooking, spent time by the river and even took a walk up the Howgill Fells at the bottom of our garden.
If you are interested in any of the yoga workshops and retreats that Lea holds, you can find her details on her website and Facebook page.

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